Friday, 8 February 2008

Emotions, logic, truth

It is said in psychology texts that a person goes through a shock, denial and finally acceptance phase. This is apparently valid for any situation, but mostly for the negative experiences.

Yet, have you ever had this feeling that however much, you try, you don't seem to be able to get over a situation that has developed in a manner that hurts you? While it would be easy to say, this is the denial phase, fact of the matter is that emotions and logic do not mix with each other.

Rather logic can be applied in any manner to suit emotions - which range from sadness, rage, disillusionment, despair to lower self-esteem. It is quite often surprising, that one tends not to look at the larger picture of life. One seems to get focussed so specifically on a certain objective, that everything else which may still be going very well, gets put down. Some may revel in brooding, I do not. That a blog becomes an outlet (not completely satisfactory, albeit better than anything else), it is a tad scary too.

It also tells you the truth - humans (at least most of us) are not loners. We like to be with other like-minded individuals with whom you can relate on various levels. Sometimes a situation can lead to questionning - is this life? Is this the truth about living? When the situations are positive, it is not even a thought that crosses one's mind - one is blithely carrying on being 'happy'. And while you may agree that the definition of happy varies within each person, isn't it a fact that we are constantly in the pursuit of happiness?

If one is losing sleep over a situation, then I guess one is letting the situation get to a stage where it relegates everything else to the background. It is easier to say, focus on the right things, keep moving, keep busy, blah blah blah, but is it that easy to do? I don't know. You might even say, it is the part of maturing, growing up... hey, if this is the wake up call of adulthood, then by no means is adulthood what it is made out to be. And if this is childish in thought, then what is the truth?

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