Friday, 8 February 2008


Friends are who make you what you are... or the old-fashioned way of saying it, you are what you are, depending on the company you keep!

Well, I have a slightly different view as of this stage in my life. I have now come to see, not only how much friends matter, but who really are friends. There are many sorts of friends. Some just above the acquaintance level, some friendly, some deep, yet some really sort of psuedo-soul mate! And by this, I mean that there are some individuals who really do understand you, feel for you, want you to be happier and actually make an effort to support/help you as required.

When a friend, cries thinking of what you are going through, and wishes that you would get out of the negative situation sooner than later, you know that, that is a friend. Somebody who really cares.

As a basic tenet, to me friends are connections between hearts and minds of dissimilar individuals, and is the bond on which many a life really is lived!

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