Monday, 4 February 2008

men and women - 1

humans - yes. two species - yes. but so very different in our approaches to life, to relationships, to things that bring the two together or take them apart.

i'm sure there are many people out there who can confidently state that they have had it worse than me and i'm sure they may be right. but as with any human being, what's happened to me is most important to me than anybody else. and right now, i'm in a vaccum. a place where i feel zoned out. why? take a guess!

why is that men and women can't see eye to eye on things that have got to do with relationships? why is that women are almost always seeking out that 'life partner'? why is it that men who are in a relationship, still 'check out' other women? the former have a compulsive need to 'settle' down, whereas the latter have a compulsive need to go after every one of the former species that they take a liking to.

anyways, i digress here. the point that i have been trying to understand is why do feelings change? situations change and quite possibly we can't control it, but feelings? answers anyone?

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