Thursday, 7 February 2008

Men and Women - 2

It is indeed scary at times, what women can do to men. And the word that usually goes around is that only women are emotional. Wrong! Men are as emotional as women. In some case even more so. Sensitivity is not something that can be measured so easily in everyone. Sometimes, it is hidden so deep and so well, that some people never manage to see beyond the superficial.

But it is true that men are emotional. Especially, when it comes to their partners. Every relationship is fraught with hurdles and joys. When it is all good and great, everybody is happy and the world is golden and heavenly. Yet the very same place becomes hell, when things change, people change, times change. It is all very good and easy to say that somethings are meant to be. I say that it is nothing but a way of justifying to yourself that it is not within your control and therefore there's no alternative but to accept it.

Yes, we live in a world where mostly free will exists and can be exercised. But when it happens and as a result, someone who means more than you had ever realised moves on, it hurts. It hits so deeply that there are hardly any words that can convey how much and where all it hurts.

Some men take it very positively. Some scream - Freedom! Some just scream. In pain. I am one of those. Today I don't feel on top of the world, rather I feel like the world is on top of me. And yet there are so many 'friends' who will tell you that 'you've got to move on'. Sure, if my stupid brain and the resultant ego allows me to!

There will be a school of thought that will say, it is but natural. Humans are not destined to be partners for a very long period - yet this eschews the whole theory of lifelong partnership.

Well, I do not know what lifelong partnership is, but I do know that it feels like you are smaller than even the tiniest atom in the world, when you are at the receiving end of a -- sorry, it is not working!

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