Sunday, 29 June 2008

The brain

I came across an interesting article in a newspaper.

An excerpt:
"People go through various hurtful experiences from other people such as insult, blame, violence as well as encounter certain tragic events in their lives. Such distress experiences often leave in them certain emotional scars such as anger resentment fear frustration revenge hopelessness powerlessness, etc. These negative emotions when rerun in a person’s mind many a time become more deep rooted, resulting in mental scars with debilitating influence on the person's thinking styles and emotional states. True nature is obscured or blocked. The erroneous and limiting beliefs as mentioned above coupled with emotional baggage obscures the true nature of human beings. As a result she/he becomes unable to use his thinking capabilities and other potentials to learn and develop herself/himself as well as to cope effectively with various situations in life. The individual becomes intellectually and emotionally constricted and gets stuck with certain types of negative selftalk and self defeating behaviours. They always live in the past unable to live in and enjoy the present. Psychologists say that the average person talks to him self or herself about 50000 times a day and about 80 per cent of the self talk is negative."

I do not know how true the figures mentioned above are, but some of the situations, emotions and logic mentioned are absolutely true. All of us with some sembalance of intellectual capability will have gone through such a situation (if not, lucky you!). Point is how best one can deal with such situations. Indeed the brain is a voracious instrument that nature has perfected, which allows us to do so much yet also has the capability of stopping us completely in our tracks.

Making a thought positive, ensuring it is nurtured and retained is a tough task especially when it is just so easy to become self-centred. This is food for thought, isn't it?

Cheers to life.


  1. it could easily be true..

    its like listening to things when u r in ur mother's womb.. loads of tests and experiments conducted has shown that the atmosphere that a mother has during her pregnancy is passed on to her child that she's carrying.. be it the music.. the sentiments..

    so guess even the various experiences one faces in life.. also tends to live its scars on us and we tend to evolve ... thats our tendency

  2. Yes Ani. Evolution is the name of the game. It is when at certain points of time, it's a bit more than evolutionary... rather becomes revolutionary that the situations tend to affect individuals in unseen ways. How the person reacts to it is indeed what could make the difference.


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