Saturday, 21 June 2008

It's the weekend!

Finally... the best part of the week's here and the question looms large, what are you going to do, to make the most of it? Good question, eh? LOL...

From a stage, where the weekend was dreaded for it meant even more time with nothing to occupy, it has been a full reversal, with not enough time to do/experience everything that one wants interspersed with the mundane chores of a single person household!

With an imagination fired up, high energy levels (thank you chocolates!) and the idea of being in servitude to Bacchus high on the agenda later in the day, there's quite a bit to accomplish before one gets to that point of time.

I had a thought though... it is indeed in amazement that I look at how time changes so many factors for us. For instance, having met a person almost a decade ago, it is only recently that I can say, we have gone to stage which could be described as close friendship (a much abused term, but what the heck). That it took almost a decade to reach this stage, even when we were part of similar circles just possibly gives a bit of credence to the saying that 'there is a right time for everything'. There is not too many other reasons, why it took so long to connect.

Which brings to me the question of what exactly do we qualify and quantify as a connect between two human beings? Is it that feeling of being comfortable with each other? Being comfortable with the pluses and minuses that we all invariably have? Being more trusted and therefore more open to communication? Why is it that at times when, people move in and out of our lives, either, we get closer or equally we go so far that it makes no sense at all? While the theory of relativity may hold good for many, I feel that beyond the regular factors which one can logically pinpoint, there are facets, attributes and influencers not necessarily logically explainable.

Funnily, it is like doing the never end 'why' question. For example...

Q: Why is India named so? A: It was linked to the Indus river.
Q: How did the Indus river get that name? A: Possibly, the migrating tribes around 4000 BC gave that name.
Q: Why were there migrating tribes? A: Because they were following the changing rivers.
Q: Why were the rivers changing? A: Because the earth is an evolving planet.
Q: Why is the earth an evolving planet? A: Because the universe and everything in it is constantly evolving.
Q: Why does the universe need to constantly evolve? A: aaaaargh!!! see there is no limit to the 'why' question. So I guess it is, in the end, sometimes, just one of those things we have to positively accept rather than persistently but pointlessly question.

Time to get to those mundane chores ;) Ciao for now.


  1. weekends i always feel comes with a question mark.. you always have the time.. but then dont know wht to do.. sometimes you have plenty of options but just that you don't know which one to take up first or which one to give the first preference..

    i also feel human beings are connected to each other through some bond.. sometimes its so impossible to say what it we randomly say oh thats a friend.. but then again there are so many degree's of friendship.. and yes time has got to do with everything in everyone's life..

    hope u do continue writing ;)

  2. Thanks Ani... I shall continue to write.

    Regarding the connections, yes, I agree that there are various sorts of bonds, some not at all tangible.

    Time... is a finite factor. How much, how little, how well used or unused.. all of it is debatable. A topic for a blog on another day for sure... LOL.


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