Sunday, 13 July 2008


This is for you: Anila. Since you have insisted outright that I do need to get tagged and it's tough to resist... given that I am doing this post after at least two weeks I must be good but not that good... I must agree resistance wears thin over a period of time ;)

So here goes...

I am : Anish. Rest of all the %#^&&*^@% I will let people who interact with me, fill in. LOL

I am not : sane?

I think : I am (borrowed from Shakespeare!)

I want : to be a bird... unlikely to be even a pilot... so will have to rely on Google earth!

I feel : I must, I suppose, else it is time to ask, can you see dead people?

I crave : Can't mention it here... too much A-rated stuff... LOL... but if I had to make a choice, it is happiness - nothing new here, who does not?

I search : for what I crave

I wonder : mostly on what could be, have been, is...

I regret : Sometimes, too much. Eventually there's no point in just looking back, and falling flat on your mug. I am learning.

I believe : In human capability

I hate : The feeling called frustration.

Here I end this tag... as doing the numbers thing is so tough... too much thinking to do... LOL


  1. u r a half spoilt sport..

    heh since u did half the tag lol.. hehe gosshh u could tried doing the tag a bit differently.. u are such a.. not getting the right word for now.. oh well but did the tag so am happy about that :)

  2. Ani, at least I met you half way ;) didn't I? lol... do let me know when you find the 'right' word for me! Even if it is of the @#^$**& variety... lol

  3. u hardly write.. or read my posts..


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