Friday, 14 August 2009


While in some ways, I have still to get used to having a Thursday and Friday as a weekend instead of a Saturday and Sunday, a weekend that too a rare one where I am actually sitting at home and successfully managing to keep work out of my head -- whoohoo it is one to be enjoyed.

In the service industry, to which Advertising also belongs, there really isn't a time when you are not working. And that's fine too because being creative or an idea creator never has a fixed time and place. It can happen anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances. Equally those people who are called 'suits' in the industry parlance - those people who manage the client interface, are also on call every minute, for you never know when a situation arises which requires rapid response.

Considering that fact that the digital age has only made life faster and as complicated, as easy (a conundrum, if ever!), the word speed takes on new meaning every day. In management speak, time to market.

So, to all those lovely people out there who are working really hard to keep the rest of us happy and satisfied, I raise a toast. May the power be with you!

(hmm... thinking about power, that's probably another post)

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