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Life Happens, Accept or Not

Book Review:

Sachin Garg, I’m not twenty four… I’ve been nineteen for five years…
Grapevine India Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2010
ISBN: 978-81-922226-2-2

The author has produced work which, is well constructed, tight enough paced and takes the reader on a journey through a slice of life and soul, of a freshly minted graduate.

Given the limited number of successful, modern Indian fiction writers, the author puts in an admirable effort in trying to be one. A woman reader may not find the main woman character and her attempts at dealing with the range of emotions, especially sexual, quite satisfactory or acceptable. Not surprising, given the author has tried to write the story from a woman’s perspective. Whilst not intellectual nor an eye-opener in the typical sense, this work is good enough for a light read.

The author at the onset clarifies, this is a story which takes you into a world, rather difficult to believe yet does actually exist. Agreed, it is believable fiction. Not exactly falling in the ‘chick lit’ category, even though the story is revealed through the main character of a girl, there are so many instances that a reader can relate to, irrespective of gender. It is a life that many an Indian middle class person may have faced; is facing; or is about to face.

English is not our first language. While the publishers/editors should have ensured that obvious spelling errors did not creep in, overall, the language used in this book is simple, straightforward and believable – similar to what is colloquially used in daily lives across India, easy enough for a beginner to read and understand. And enjoy.

At the heart of this story is a character, which the author tries to flesh out well. He attempts to give, more than a peek into the heart and mind of a city girl, Saumya, and her flaws inasmuch as strengths as well as her journey from being a modern Barbie focussed on shoes, malls and her figure, to a matured individual who understands herself better. The character of Shubhro, is a tad farfetched in being a modern day Indian hippie on the path to save the world, three months at a time. However, using a blog as the medium to reveal his story connects with today’s social media consumers.

While the title does not exactly justify the story, there are many salient points that a reader will connect with, in the story line containing a roller coaster ride of emotions that feels, plausible.
  • From the time in college that is carefree and not loaded with responsibilities, to going through the grind and relief of securing that first job
  • From having lived in a modern city, to being relocated to a place like Toranagallu, plumb in the middle of Indian hinterland
  • From being in the comfort zone of known social life, to the alien and sometimes, scarring world of industrial work-life
  • From shying away in the face of unexpected events to actually making decisions in life by choice, not chance

Life is a challenge. Never, black or white, it takes you through the whole spectrum of colours and then some. Everyone deals with their version differently, at least from their point of view. Yet from life, you can never take out the basic essences of emotions. Be it small jealousies, pleasant surprises, mind numbing despair, joyous satisfaction or shattering regret. And enthralling love. This is what the story is all about.

Overall rating: 6/10. 

Recommendation: If you are not out saving the world, you could pick up the book online or from your nearest store, and enjoy the light reading.


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  1. seems interesting,,i think il lget it at flipkart:)

  2. Hi Joel, glad my review helped :) And as a marketer, good to know flipkart seems to have created a good brand impression. Good luck with your supportive blog on education.

  3. Great review Anish but I think I can't get hold of this book...:(

  4. Sorry to hear that Saru. Maybe someone known, travelling from India to your location could pick up the book for you? :)

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